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1973 KIMBALL Console $595

Perfect home piano for anyone. Affordable, free delivery, quality American made Kimball brand,  completely reconditioned inside and out. Beautiful oak cabinet with matching, re-upholstered bench. Sounds great and is easy to play. Ready to go for a beginning student, or accomplished player.
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1978 YAMAHA M-206 Console $1,295

Wonderful tone and touch on this high quality Yamaha. Keys are in excellent condition. Fully serviced and tuned. Cabinet is medium Walnut, and comes with original matching duet bench with music storage. Yamaha pianos are built to last, and this one certainly will. Free local delivery. Shown by appointment. Call now:


1992 KAWAI 502-F Console $1,695

Beautiful Cherry satin finish with French Provential curved legs on both the piano and matching bench. The only previous owner is a music teacher. 43" tall, with full-sized, high quality studio action, made in Japan. Middle practice mute pedal locks in place, and allows you to play very quietly, without disturbing others. The lid can be propped up on a felt covered stand to increase the overall tone and volume. Hurry in to see this one, as high quality Kawai pianos are a rare find, especially in this nice of condition. Incredible savings, offered at over 30% off current market value.


KAWAI 502-F video

 <---- Click the play arrow to hear a demo of this piano's tone. Use headphones for even better sound quality. 

1973 YAMAHA P2 Continental Studio $1,695

Professional model Yamaha is in wonderful condition. Ebony satin finish, lid prop, practice mute pedal, and full-blow studio action. Keys are scratch and chip free. Comes with matching duet bench. Fantastic tone with deep bass and clear treble section. Meduim-light touch makes this a players dream intrument that will fit into a small wall space. Free local delivery. 

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YAMAHA P2 Continental Studio video

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1979 YAMAHA model U1 $3,995

The U1 is the most popular piano in the world. And this one is in mint condition, completely reconditioned inside and out from DOREMI by an expert team of former Yamaha & Kawai factory technicians in Hamamatsu, Japan. Brand new parts have been installed wherever needed, and may include strings, hammers, dampers, pedals, tuning pins, and more. The new high polish ebony finish is flawless and completely scratch free, and the key tops are also new. This piano looks and plays like brand new for half the price. Comes with a  new, padded duet bench. The taller model U3 is also available by special order. Certified, pre-owned. It's perfect. 
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YAMAHA U1 video

 <---- Click the play arrow to hear a demo of the YAMAHA's tone. Use headphones for even better sound quality.