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1908 LESTER 5' Baby Grand RECONDITIONED - $1,995

Beautiful brown mahoghany cabinet. Brand new simulated ivory keytops, and simulated ebony black keys. Completely reconditioned inside and out. Plays very easy, and has a warm tone. Comes with a refurbished bench. Free local delivery. Don't take a blind chance on a basement baby grand. We've redone this entire classic  for you already!

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1988 SOJIN 5' 2" Baby Grand - $3,295

Beautiful high polish ebony finish.  This piano is in excellent condition. Matching duet bench with music storage. Polished brass pedals and trim. Nice, warm tone, and a medium touch.  High quality components, manufactured in Japan, and Korea.  The treble tone is bell-like, and the bass is  full for a smaller baby grand size. Very easy to play. Excellent quality baby grand for a home, church, or school. Free delivery. 

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Listen to this piano below, and use headphones for best sound quality.

2007 GEORGE STECK 4'10" Petite Player Grand $5,495

Player piano performs music all by itself! Single owner, purchased locally. It's in excellent condition, in an elegant, high polish ebony finish, with brass trim on all the legs, including the bench. Comes with dozens of player CD's that play the piano as well as accompaniment music through the audio speaker mounted underneath. Imagine seeing a Mozart piano concerto, and hearing the orchestra too, right in your own home! Even comes with a hand-held remote that controls the CD selections and volume. The piano itself can also be played normally. It's in perfect working and sounding condition, has a light touch, and clear tone. Small petite size easily fits into any room. Hurry in to see this very rare find in our area. 

Free local delivery, and monthly payments are available. 

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Listen to this piano below, and use headphones for best sound quality.

1986 YAMAHA G3 6' 0" Grand $12,990

Completely reconditioned by by the DOREMI restoration company, in Hamamatsu, Japan, by former Yamaha and Kawai factory technicians. This piano is in MINT condition, a 10 out of 10, that looks, feels, and plays like a brand new piano, both inside and out.  The only difference is that this one is less than half the price of a new one. Totally refinished with new high polish ebony polyester. It's completely blemish free. Brand new strings, pins, felts, key tops, pedals, and much more.  The parts came directly from the nearby Yamaha factory. It plays like a dream, with a perfectly regulated medium touch, and the pure Yamaha tone of a brand new piano.  This is one magnificent instrument that will last a lifetime.
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