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WEBER Petite Grand- $1,995

Classic small baby grand, circa 1918, will fit into any space. Cabinet was refinished previously in a smooth, Ebony Black satin. Plate is refinished inside in Gold Leaf. Key tops were replaced by a previous owner, all chip and scratch free. It plays great with a medium light touch, and has a nice, bell-like, clear tone in the upper register. Comes with the original matching duet bench with music storage inside. The 2-position lid prop allows for a low and high opening heights. Free local delivery is always included, and every piano arrives in tune, ready to play. Call and make your private appointment today.
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2007 SAMICK SIG-57D 5' 7" Baby Grand- $4,995

This is a player's instrument. As our rental, this piano has been used in performances, and acclaimed by both local and national professional pianists. The finish is high polish ebony. Comes with a matching duet bench with music storage. If you're looking for a high quality performing and sounding grand, consider coming in for an appointment to play this one. The action is not heavy, very dynamic, and responsive. The treble tone is clear and warm, and the bass is deep and full for a baby grand size. A rare find in this area. 

Local delivery included. Call today.
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